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Dear readers, I live in Shilpi age twenty years in Lakshminagar, Delhi. When I was in class I sent my mother to read Shimla. Until the eleventh, I studied there but when I reached the twelfth, a strange event decreased with me. Today I'm about to tell you the same incident. We had a small house of ours in Shimla. Shimla's house was empty when her parents lived in Delhi. I was in the hostel till the eleventh, but after going into twelfth I started living in my house. I am beautiful, no boy can see me without a sigh, there was also the youth of that age of 32-25-32. I was a new-born girl, so the clothes wears sexy too. There was another house in front of my house; There were four boys in it; they used to be together in BA III, they were about four years older than me.
From the day I came to live in my house, his eyes kept on me. There was a veranda in front of my house in which the chair was engaged. I often used to sit there during the evening and read There was no one in the house, only one was going to cook, cooked from time to time, and went out cleanly. One day I came home from school and saw one of the four standing outside my house and looking at my house. I understood his intention. Jawani was not in control too, coming home, I stood in front of the mirror and started looking at myself. I deliberately left the door open so that he could see me. I got a black silk bra and pants from my closet and then came in front of the mirror. He was still looking into my room constantly, I was visible in the mirror. I opened the button of my shirt and slowly separated it from my body. He was a bit awake after seeing that, he also called his three friends from inside.
I did not wear bra and pants under school dress. I first wore panties and then skirts off. Now all four of them were looking at me in the panties only. Then I wore a bra and roamed the same way and turned its hook off the glass and closed its hook. Seeing my cheeks and smooth navel, they started diving in the ocean of four senses. Then I pulled out a blue skirt and pink top of the cupboard and came back in front of the glass and I wore a skirt which was just above the knee. Then the top which was stuck on the navel due to the cheetahs. Then I came to the door of the roaming and showed that I did not see them.
After a while I took the book and sat on the outside chair, all those four were still there, seeing my feet hanging and looking at the cheats were going crazy. Only then came the cook, he stayed in the house for about one and a half hours, made a meal, and then came out and said - I have cooked, eat! Now let me go. I said - OK, go! Now I was restless. I was roaming in my mind how I would call one of them in the room! Then I walked towards their room after a while. When I reached there I told one of them - listen! He started looking at me They began to feel scared that I did not see them. Then I said - I do not have a question! If any of you tell me?
I had to say that all four were very happy, but one of them Rakesh came to my room with me. As soon as he came in from the door, he said - are you staying alone here? I said yes! Why? She started saying - no, you are a girl and alone? I said in terms of reducing the distance - you will not call me first because I am younger than you! And I'm staying out of the house from the class room, so now I have become habituated. I took him straight towards my bedroom and pointed towards the bed and said - Sit down!
And got the book I sat on the foot in front of him. His eyes were on my white legs. I was understand I approached a little closer and asked - are you all together? He said - Yes! His eyes still remained on my legs. Then I changed the page of the book and placed a question in front of it. He was quick, he immediately solved the question. I said happy, thank you, you saved me from failing in the test yesterday! If you do not mind, will you like to eat dinner with me tonight? How does a young boy forbid a direct invitation from a girl! He said - but you will have trouble! I said - what is the problem? The maid has been cooking food. If you have helped me so much then it is my duty! Then he shook his head. Then he walked towards the outside. I went to the door leaving him and said to him, Do not forget! Ok nine o'clock!
He said - OK! My mind felt like a zoom, my friends used to tell me the stories of their fuck, I also thought that I would wish I had any clitoris too! By now I was a virgin, no one even had a hand. But today my virgin Bur Hassin was dreaming. I went to the bathroom and cleaned my bad well and told him - just my friend, today your wait is over! Today I have arranged four-four lords for you! Then I got ready and came out and sat on the chair waiting for nine rupees. At about nine o'clock, they came out of the house, I had seen them leaving the house, so I started pretending to sleep.
They all came and saw me sleeping and quietly stood around me. He was poor at the fixed but he was not daring to do anything. Only then did one voice - listen! I pretended to wake up awake - oh, you guys! Sorry, I've got an eye! Come on! I came in with the four of them,


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